“Gone are the days of managing restaurant operations by ‘gut feel.’ The winners will be those who are able to unify and synthesize data gathered by today’s advanced technology,” said Gary Goodman, Founder and CEO of Yumpingo. “We now have the ability to offer near-immediate guest feedback on exact menu items and servers. Making Yumpingo available to thousands of restaurant locations through Omnivore’s API enables the opportunity for monumental change in how operators manage staff training and compensation, marketing and menu development through specific and timely guest feedback.”

With Omnivore’s POS integration, guests receive their bill digitally on Yumpingo’s device, which replace traditional check presenters, with an invitation to complete a one minute review at the end of the experience. The resulting information provides operators complete certainty of how to optimize customer satisfaction across brands at location, shift, server and dish level in real-time, giving managers specific feedback on quality of service immediately during a shift.

“We’re very fortunate to have become the go-to API for POS systems in the restaurant space. Many of the leading restaurant technology companies in the areas of delivery, loyalty, online ordering, payment and more, are finding rapid success using our platform,” said Mike Wior, Co-Founder and CEO of Omnivore. “Yumpingo has been extremely successful internationally with its guest review technology, and we are excited to remain strong partners as the technology makes its U.S. debut. As Yumpingo begins to work with customers like TGI Fridays, our partnership allows for an easier integration and a quicker, more efficient launch into the full-service restaurant market in the U.S.”

Restaurants using the Omnivore and Yumpingo platform can also streamline menu development and adjustments thanks to guest feedback and detailed analytics provided through the integrated technology. Chefs and menu development teams can look to specific feedback on any dish to identify what guests enjoyed, or didn’t, and exactly how the guest felt the dish can be improved including temperature, presentation and more. Operators can likewise identify gaps in delivery of the overall guest experience be it through steps of service, atmosphere or individual server performance.

Yumpingo, a UK-based company, recently launched in the U.S. announcing an engagement with TGI Fridays, having worked with a number of the biggest restaurant names in Britain since its launch in 2017.


 Omnivore empowers restaurant brands to digitize their guest and operational experience in a meaningful and sustainable way. We deliver an end-to-end suite of solutions built on data and insights that help optimize the essential elements of the digital restaurant experience; online ordering, pay at table, 3rd party delivery, kiosk/digital menu, reservations, loyalty, inventory, labor and analytics. All of these solutions completely integrate into the restaurant POS system for operational efficiency, future agility and leveraging of data. For more information, visit Omnivore.io.


Launched in the UK in 2017, Yumpingo is a restaurant intelligence platform which transforms the complete guest experience by giving restaurants complete certainty of how to optimize customer satisfaction across brands at location, shift, server and dish level. We bring big data analytics to restaurant operations by tapping into the silent majority of guests’ in-moment restaurant experiences, enabling leaders to make more decisions, faster, and with greater confidence.

Yumpingo’s award winning platform integrates seamlessly with a restaurant’s POS (point of sale) to transform operations, new product development and marketing for some of the world’s largest and most innovative restaurant groups including TGI Fridays, Wagamama, Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group and Mitchells and Butlers. This is restaurant intelligence, reinvented.